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The Leadership Bootcamp Registration

About the Bootcamp

The Leadership Boot Camp is a boutique leadership consulting firm working with small to large companies, many of them with operations locally and nationally. Our beginnings, however, are a bit more humble. They go back to 2000, when and our mission in the early days was to help churches and faith based interests build effective human resource programs, and most of our clients were churches and ministries located within 200 miles of the Washington, DC area.

How did we so successfully evolve from a one-person HR shop to a global leadership consulting firm?

First, we established a strategy, defining what we wanted to look like in the future and what it would take to get there. We assessed our strengths and focused on what we needed to do better in order to grow. We set out to build a team of leaders to help with this vision. In other words, we did for ourselves what we help our clients do every day.

Over the years we’ve learned a lot about what makes a leader successful. We have seen the positive impact of strong leaders and teams, both within our company and in organizations we work with. We want others to experience the same transformative benefits, which is why we’re so excited by the work we do to develop meaningful workplaces where everyone can achieve their fullest potential. 

We know leadership development is an investment; our goal is to help you maximize the return. Whether you want to develop an individual program strategy or build your organizations overall leadership strategy, with The Leadership Boot Camp you'll find solutions that are measurable and lasting.

  • We create high-energy, engaging initiatives that get your team excited about growing their skills and contributing in new ways.

  • We incorporate your organizations competencies, values, culture, and strategy into our learning content to ensure continuity with your goals, objectives, and messaging. 

Hosting Basics for Churches

The host location must prepare to provide and handle the following:

  • Provision of event facility and audio/visual equipment (microphones, audio recording, etc.).

  • One hotel room if there is an overnight night stay due to travel distance if applicable.  A gas allowance of any amount to be determined by the host church prior to the event.

  • Coordinate and manage the volunteer team to plan and host the event).

  • Implement an ongoing plan of outreach to your community and other area churches that can help you get the word out about the event.

  • As long as minimum attendance goal is met, there is no cost incurred by the hosting location to bring an event to their church. The minimum attendance goal is 25 attendees.

The Leadership Boot Camp will provide and handle:

  • A dedicated page on our website to feature the event, online flyers, social media marketing in partnership with the hosting church.

  • Controls all registration and payment of tickets for the event through our registration management system via PayPal

  • Design and provide folders and workshop handouts to be distributed within the hosting location during the boot camp.

  • Send CD’s and DVD’s by Bishop Kinney and the Leadership Boot Camp to sell during the event (a tithe from the revenue from sales is given to the hosting church).

  • Waive registration fees for an agreed upon amount of volunteers depending on the amount of registrants at the registration deadline.

  • Provide ongoing contact with the host event coordinator as often as necessary to provide support and direction on handling event preparation.


The registration fee is $40.00. The Leadership Boot Camp pays for it’s self as it’s costs are covered by registration fees when there is a minimum of 25 registrants.

One-On-One Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

  • Weekly, individualized, in-depth, Spirit-led sessions

  • Sessions are confidential and offered at no charge

  • Donations are accepted 

  • Appointments may be held via Skype, Zoom or StreamYard

Prophetic Consulting

  • One-on-one prophetic counsel designed to provide unparalleled insight and information. 

  • A time of prayer, hearing and discerning what the Lord is saying over your concerns before your appointment 

  • A detailed dialogue centered on your current season.

  • Intentional sorting through/processing of God’s vision for your life.

  • Generating of short term and long term action plans.

  • Pinpointing the areas of your life where God wants you to grow and develop.

  • Identifying possible hindrances/blockages.

  • Appointments may be held via Skype or Zoom

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